pet loss support
Chance's Spot provides pet loss counseling on request. You can also join our weekly Online Pet Loss Support Group or post to our Facebook Page. More...


pet loss support for adults
Chance's Spot has Pet Loss Gifts and free, printable keepsakes. Submit your pet's name to our Newsletter or join us for Honoring the Animals. More...


pet loss support for kids
Chance's Spot helps kids understand and share their feelings when a pet dies. Parents will find ways to support their child, as well. More...


humane education
Our Humane Education curriculums and lesson plans are free. Chance's Spot will even visit your school and present lessons for you on request! More...
PET PROFESSIONALS We can help veterinarians, shelter personnel, and animal rescue workers understand, manage, and address Compassion Fatigue. More...
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    Pet loss support forums, pet grief and bereavement hotline numbers, helpful information about pet loss, and an online pet tributes and memorials page where pet caregivers can say goodbye to pets who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge are just some of the resources available at the Chance's Spot website.

    Chance's Spot also provides educational presentations about pet loss to pet caregivers, pet care professionals and rescue and shelter workers. Shelters, veterinarians and rescue groups also receive support and information about compassion fatigue: the stress resulting from caring for and helping traumatized animals on a daily basis. Our outreach programs are available to you regardless of your location or need. More...


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Latest Updates
  • pet loss support group

    Pet Loss Support Group

    Thursday, June 30, 2016 at 9 PM, Eastern time, U.S. More...
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    Pet Treat Recipes

    Hamster's Veggie Hotdog & Salmon Pate More...

    Critter Craft

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  • Pet Treats

    "Pet treats. I try to avoid giving my dogs a lot of them. And, I especially try to avoid doling them out for no reason." More...
  • Tissue Game for Cats

    "Recently I read about a really fun-sounding game humans can play with their feline friends. All you need is a box of tissues and some cat treats." More...
  • HTA 2016 Guest Announced!

    "This year’s Honoring the Animals guest will be Lance M. Bacon, author of “Hero Dogs: Secret Missions and Selfless Service”." More...
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  • COMING SOON: Our FREE Android App. Stay up to date from your mobile device!

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Relax With Our Fun Pet Stuff
Fun Pet Stuff

After the loss of a pet, it can be difficult to focus on other things. Chance's Spot provides games and puzzles to help you disract yourself for a little while. And, if you have surviving pets, our Critter Crafts or Pet Treats Recipes can help you and them share some special time together doing something productive and fun. More...