Jig-Paw Puzzle

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After shuffling the pieces, the goal of the Jig Paw Puzzle is to arrange the pieces on the board until the picture is complete. You can only move one piece at a time by clicking (or tapping) on it to slide it into the adjacent open square.

This Week's Puzzle: The Gentoo Penguin

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Gentoo penguins are a flightless bird from Antarctica that has a wide white stripe extending like a bonnet across the top of its head and a bright orange-red bill. They have pale whitish-pink webbed feet and a fairly long tail - the most prominent tail of all penguins. Chicks have grey backs with white fronts.

As the Gentoo penguin waddles along on land, its tail sticks out behind, sweeping from side to side, hence the scientific name Pygoscelis, which means "rump-tailed". What also makes the gentoo unique is that it is the fastest swimmer amongst all penguins; it is able to swim 22 miles per hour. Most of its diet consists of crustaceans, with a smaller portion being fish, but they will eat anything they can catch.

Gentoo penguins share responsibility in raising young. They build nests of stone wherein two eggs will be laid. Both the male and the female will incubate the eggs. After 34 to 36 days, the eggs will hatch, and the newly born penguins will be ready to go out to sea after 80 to 100 days of development.